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Great rooms and Best of Show.

Spatial Lumina L2 Loudspeaker ($20,000)

Vinnie Rossi & Harbeth

A phalanx of Clearaudio

Audiophilia/RMAF Student Initiative

Piega Loudspeakers MLS2 ($88,000)

Von Schweikert, VAC, Esoteric

Leema Acoustics Sirius Server ($5250) and Tucana II Integrated ($6750)

DeVore Fidelity

Alta Audio Loudspeakers, Krell and Anticables

Acoustic Signature

Michael Borresen from Borresen Acoustics

Aavik, Borresen, Ansuz. Denmark’s finest audio.

Tubes everywhere

Continuum Turntable ($45,000)

Constellation Taurus monoblock amplifiers ($39,000/pair)

Full on PS Audio

The Voice That Is

The Voice That Is

Bel Canto Black

Avante Garde Acoustic and Phasemation

Nagra/Rockport Technologies

Debut/Jeff Rowland Conductor Phono Stage ($8900)

Jeff Rowland Deamon Integrated Amplifier ($39,000)

Audio Physic and PrimaLuna

Purdy! Dan D’Agostino Master Systems

Cambridge Audio Alva TT ($1,699 incl. arm AND mc cart) debut.

Crazy lines.

Revel F22BE ($10,000) in Walnut

Mark Levinson

Chad Kassem. Mr. Acoustic Sounds.

Mockingbird Distribution.

At the Sony Signature Event—Aspen Amphitheatre. Click on post for more information.

Focal Elegia ($900) all prices USD

New hotel for RMAF 2019

Glad our university math/engineering students are coming tomorrow.

Daniel Jacques from Montreal’s Plurison.

Interesting sound baffles in the Focal launch space.

Breakfast is served. Thx Focal

At the Focal breakfast launch.

Very comprehensive program book keeps us on track.